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Mock Gradings During Training Sessions – Monday 12 th March (18:45 – 19:45) and Thursday 15th March (19:00 – 20:00) – Moulton

On Monday 12 th March (18:45 – 19:45) and Thursday 15th March (19:00 – 20:00), we will be conducting a mock grading, during training sessions. Whilst no formal assesment will occur, this is a valuable opportunity to practice the entire grading sylabus and identify areas for improvement, in preparation for the grading.

On both dates, we would like to encourage parents to take the opportunity to attend the lessons’s and observe their children. We are hopeful that this will enable parents to better underdstand what is required and assist in supporting their child to practice for the grading.

Training Dates – Obelisk Members

There will be no training at Obelisk on Monday 19th March 2018.

School Easter Break

The last training session is on Tuesday 27th March. We start back training on Monday 16th April (Obelisk) and Tuesday 17th April (Moulton).

PS new members are always welcome. So encourage your friends to turn up for free introductory lessons.

Moulton Training and March Grading put back

Just to let you know that there will be no training tonight due to the snowy conditions. Training will resume as normal next week at Obelisk Rise on Monday 5th March. Also due to the weather we have decided to push the March Colour Belt Grading back from this Sunday to the 25th at the end of the month. This way it will give members a bit more time to get up to speed with patterns, techniques and terminology.

Grading Dates – 2018

2018 grading dates are as follows: Sunday 4th March, Sunday 8th July and Sunday 18th November. I am hoping to run our own Tiger Tournament at Moulton on Sunday 4th February, info to follow shortly.

Wellingborough club – new venue details

Mr. Conboy has moved venues at Wellingborough due to many cancellations disrupting training on Sundays. The new venue is the Victoria Centre 46-50 Palk Lane NN8 1HR 6pm to 7pm. Clubs are a bit like a leaking bucket. As members leave new members are needed to preplace them. Everyone is capable of achieving their Black Belt. Only one in ten get there though! One of the important tenets of TKD is perseverance. Regular training is important.

With three venues during the week there is the opportunity to train at different clubs and meet other members. Introduce a new member and get a free months training when they licence.

Training Fees – update

Train once a week £4.50, Twice a week £7.00 and Three times only £8.00. Monthly fee payment will no longer be accepted. As you can the more regular you train the cheaper it gets. Also don’t forget to introduce a new member and get one month’s free training when they licence. Their first three lessons are free introductory tasters. So bring a friend along to give TAE KWON-DO A GO!

Moulton and Obelisk members – last training of 2016

The last colour belt training at Moulton ill be on Tuesday 6th December. Thursday 8th December will be our final black Belt training night this year (no colour belts). And we will continue training at the Obelisk Centre on Monday 5th, 12th and the 19th December. The 19th December being our final fun and games night to finish the year. So all turn up for that. We will start back in the New Year on Thursday 5th Jan at Moulton and Monday 9th January at the Obelisk Centre.