White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Newsletter : January 2015

Chairman’s Annual Review

Review of 2014

Goodbye 2014 and hello 2015. The last year has been an eventful one. Mr Mawdsley decided to retire. As one of the original founders of White Tiger Taekwon-Do his hard work and experience was always appreciated. Most of his members joined Mr Conboy’s club. The Wellingborough club under the guidance of Mr Conboy is now getting well established.

Moulton club has now been running at the Primary School for over 22 yrs and is well known in the village. Members are encouraged to cross train at both clubs. Any member who trains twice a week at their own club can train for free at the other club for a third session. See your instructor for details.

Tournaments in 2014

We entered three tournaments last year. The first was our own at Moulton in February. This was well supported by our own members and Mr Harris’s club from Lutterworth. In June many of our members competed at the East Midland Championship in Boston. Again many trophies were won by our members. The last tournament was the Taekwondo Explosion at Lutterworth. We did exceptionally well with a clean sweep in one of the junior sparring divisions (0ne Gold-One Silver and Two Bronze). Fifteen trophies in total!

Student of the Year

I have decided to award a student of the year award to Ethan Streeton for the most attendances at Moulton 74 lessons out of 86 during 2014. Congratulations also to Phoebe Dickenson for achieving Black Belt 2nd Dan.


Looking forward to the coming year I will be hosting our own Tiger Tournament at Moulton Primary School on Sat 28th of Feb. We also hope to enter other tournaments later in the year. We also have four potential Black Belts in waiting Callum Marriot, Rhys Garner, Harley Denny and Owen Anslow. Having reached Red belt and Black tag the final test is within site. Only one in ten students on average get to Black Belt, so fingers crossed for them this year.

Grading Dates

The Grading dates for the coming year are Sun 8th Mar, 12th Jul and 22nd Nov.

Train hard and train regularly and you will succeed.

Adrian Gent
Chief Instructor-White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do
Tel 01604-670966 or e-mail tigergent@hotmail.com

Ps Happy New Year to you all.