White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Newsletter : July 2015

Colour Belt Grading Sun 12th July Moulton Primary School

The grading starts at 11am for white to green tags. Green belt upwards from 12.30pm to 2pm approx. Doboks not needed for your first grading. Green belt upward members must bring full sparring equipment. £20 grading fee and licence must be handed in by Thu 9th July at the latest. The grading is free to monthly payment members if paid in full and up to date since last grading.

It is good to see new members who have recently joined the club. If you are thinking of grading you will be taken through the basics during the grading. This is the first step on the ladder to achieve your Black Belt. This first grading is an introduction to basic techniques and is fairly simple. After you have graded sit quietly at the back and watch more senior members grade. Feel free to talk to me if you have any concerns etc. about grading.

New Members

As an incentive to attract new members we now have two W H Smith vouchers (£20). Introduce a new member and when they licence these can be yours! Any one is welcome to come along and watch or participate in a free introductory lesson.
Tell your friends-TAEKWON-DO GIVE IT A GO?

Last Training Session Thursday 23rd July

The last training session before the school summer break will be on Thu 23rd July. A fun and games night is being planned. We will start back on Tue 1st of September. Assuming that I survive my three week trekking holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia? Looking forward to seeing you all back after your summer holidays. Please try to practice some Taekwon-do over the break.

Website and Facebook page

Don’t forget that we have a very informative website and club face book page. This is run by Mr John Simons. He does all the clever technical stuff to do with computers and internet etc. My skill level on computers would probably be about yellow belt !!!

Adrian Gent
Chief Instructor-White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do
Tel 01604-670966 or e-mail tigergent@hotmail.com