White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Newsletter : November 2017

Colour Belt Grading

Our next colour belt grading will be held at Moulton Primary School on Sunday 19th November. White Belt to Green Tag will commence at 11am and finish at 12:30pm. Green Belt and above will commence at 12:30pm and finish at 2pm. Finish times may alter depending on numbers grading. At least 15 training sessions must have been attended between gradings except your first introductory grading. If in doubt ask your instructor to check the register? Full sparring equipment is required for anyone taking their Green Belt and above grading. If intending to grade your licence and grading fee (£20) must be given to your instructor by the previous lesson at the latest.

PS. I have run 36 sessions at Moulton and Obelisk since the last grading in June.

You do need to train regularly if you want to eventually obtain a Black Belt. Clubs are run at Moulton on Tuesday and Thursday. Obelisk on Monday. Wellingborough on Tuesday and Sunday. So plenty of opportunity to train if you don’t mind a bit of travelling. We are all within ten miles. There are discounts for regularly training and also family discounts. Keep costs down by sharing transport etc.

Christmas season

Christmas is coming, so this is probably a good time to order new equipment! We do trade in discount on used kit if its in good condition? Junior members tend to out grow rather than wear out doboks and sparing equipment. This helps to keep costs down and enable members to purchase good second hand gear.

We have a Chrsitmas raffle, 2 White Tiger sports bags. Each ticket is 50p each. Ask your introductor for tickets, get in quick for your chance to win. The raffle will be drawn at the next colour belt grading on 19th November at Moulton Primary School.

New Members

A club is a bit like a leaking bucket and needs new members to replace the ones that leave. The hall hire costs remain the same whether five or fifty train. Introduce a new member and get a months free lessons when they licence. We offer free introductory taster lessons for new members.



Tae Kwon-Do give it a go.

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