White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Newsletter : October 2015

New Doboks

I hope that everyone likes the new style dobok? Our old supplier stopped making them so I had to look elsewhere. Having just purchased one myself I am impressed with the quality. The price remains the same as previous £32 for Junior and £37 for adults. New members do not need a dobok for their first grading in Nov Sun 22nd. But Christmas is not many weeks after it.


Talking about the grading please make a note of the date above. Parents often ask me is their child ready to grade? A good indication is can they perform their new pattern on their own? Unfortunately gradings are a bit like taking your driving test and it how you perform on the day that counts. If you are taking your first grading don’t worry too much as you will be walked through it and no has yet failed the initial one. When finished sit quietly and watch the higher grades take theirs, then you can see the gradual progress towards the converted Black Belt.

New Members

As we seem to be attracting more new members I intend to offer a new deal to encourage regular training. Pay £7 on a Tuesday and this will pay for the following Thursday saving you £2. This is not refundable if you don’t turn up on Thursday. To encourage families to train I will only charge £7 per lesson for the first two members and further siblings for £1 each.

No Training Tues 20th October at Moulton

There will be no training at Moulton on Tue 20th October as I am away that day. Mr Conboy has agreed to let any Moulton members train for free that night at Wellingborough.

The Secret Agent 5 Minute Core Exercise Plan

Regular training is an important part of any martial art or fitness regime. Can you spare 5 minutes a day to build up your fitness level? This is my daily regime-most days!

Sit ups- Find piece of furniture that you can hook your feet under and count how many sit that you can do e.g. 10. Then see how many press-ups you can do e.g. 10. Do these for one week and then add 2 more each week. Over a period of time you will be surprised how many you can do on a regular basis. I am up to 100 sit ups followed by 40 press ups. If you have the time and space practice a pattern. Finish by finding suitable solid piece of furniture to place a foot on (front kick or side kick) 20 second stretch on each leg. I also use a power breather to exercise diaphragm muscle, this takes about 20 seconds. You will be surprised how much you will feel the benefits.

Introduce a friend to the club and get one month free training once they licence. Tell them that the first lesson is free! Tae Kwon-Do, give it a go. Please help yourself to our cards.

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