General Tae Kwon-Do and Korean Terminology

General Tae Kwon-Do Terminology

The Meaning of Tae Kwon-Do

Tae – Means to kick or smash with foot
Kwon – Means to destroy with hand or fist
Do – Means art or way

Student Oath

I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon-Do
I shall respect instructors and seniors
I shall never misuse Tae Kwon-Do
I shall be a champion of freedom and justice
I shall help build a more peaceful world.

Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

Self Control
Indomitable Spirit


Hanna One
Dool Two
Set Three
Net Four
Tassot Five
Yassot Six
Ilgop Seven
Yadol Eight
Ahop Nine
Yol Ten


Training Hall Dojang
Training Suit Do Bok
To your spot / stop Paru
In your own time Koryi Apse
Start Si Jak
Bow Kyong ye
Attention Charyot
Black Belts:
1st – 4th Dan Sabumnin
5th Dan Guk-Je Sabumnin

Korean Terminology


White Belt

Ready Stance Junbi Sogi
Sitting Stance Annun Sogi

Yellow Tag / Yellow Belt / Green Tag

Walking Stance Gunnun Sogi

Green Belt

Bending Stance Guburyo Sogi
Close Ready (type A,B,C) Moa Junbi Sogi (A,B,C)
Fixed Stance Gojung Sogi

Blue Tag / Blue Belt / Red Tag

X Stance Kyocha Sogi
Rear Foot Stance Dwit Bal Sogi

Red Belt

Vertical Stance Soo Jik Sogi

Blocks / Strikes

White Belt / Yellow Tag

Middle Outer Forearm Block Kaunde Bakat Palmok Makgi
Low Outer Forearm Block Najunde Bakat Palmok Makgi
Low Knife Hand Block Najunde Sonkal Makgi
Middle Inner Forearm Block Kaunde An Palmok Makgi

Yellow Belt

Knife Hand Guarding Block Sonkal Daebi Makgi
Forearm Guarding Block Palmok Daebi Makgi
Twin Forearm Block Sang Palmok Makgi
Raising Block Chookyo Makgi
Knife Hand Strike Sonkal Taerigi

Green Tag

High Outer Forearm Block Nopunde Bakat Palmok Makgi
Straight Finger Tip Thrust Sun Sonkut Tulgi
Wedging Block Hechyo Makgi

Green Belt

Inward Knife Hand Strike Anuro Sonkal Taerigi
Circular Block Dollimyo Makgi

Blue Tag

Hooking Block Golcho Makgi
Front Elbow Strike Ap Palkup Taerigi
Double Forearm Block Doo Palmok Makgi
Bakcfist Strike Dung Joomok Taerigi

Blue Belt

Palm Upper Block Sonbadak Ollyo Makgi
Upper Elbow Strike Wi Palkup Taerigi
X Fist Rising Block Kyocha Chookyo Makgi
Side Backfist Strike Yop Dung Joomok Taerigi
Pressing Block Noollo Makgi
‘U’ Shape Block Digutja Makgi

Red Tag

Inner Forearm Block An Palmok Makgi
Upset Finger Tip Thrust Dwijibun Sonkut Tulgi
Flat Finger Tip Thrust Open Sonkut Tulgi
X Fist Pressing Block Kyocha Noollo Makgi
‘W’ Shaped Block San Makgi
Double Forearm Pushing Block Doo Palmok Miro Makgi

Red Belt

Palm Pushing Block Sonbadak Miro Makgi
Downward Knife Hand Strike Naeryo Sonkal Taerigi

Black Tag

Inward Knife Hand Strike Anuro Sonkal Taerigi
Reverse Knife Hand Strike Bandae Sonkal Taerigi
X Knife Hand Checking Block Kyocha Sonkal Momchau Makgi
Upward Twin Palm Block Dwijibun Sang Sonbadak Makgi


White Belt / Yellow Tag / Yellow Belt / Green Tag

Middle Obverse Punch Kaunde Baro Jirugi
Middle Reverse Punch Kaunde Bandae Jirugi

Green Belt / Blue Tag

Side Punch Yop Jirugi

Blue Belt / Red Tag

Twin Vertical Punch Sang Sewo Jirugi
Twin Upset Punch Sang Dwijibun Jirugi
Turning Punch Dollyo Jirugi

Red Belt

Upward Punch Ollyo Jirugi


White Belt

Front Snap Kick Apcha Busgi
Front Kick Ap Chagi

Yellow Tag

Side Kick Yop Chagi

Yellow Belt

Turning Kick Dollyo Chagi

Green Tag

Back Kick Dwi Chagi

Green Belt

Reverse Turning Kick Bandae Dollyo Chagi

Blue Tag

Hooking Kick Golcha Chagi
Double Side Kick Doo Yop Chagi

Blue Belt

Axe Kick Naeryo Chagi
Double Turning Kick Doo Dollyo Chagi

Red Tag

Crescent Kick Bandal Chagi

Red Belt

Consecutive Kicking Yonsok Chagi

Jumping / Flying Kicks

Red Belt

Jumping Front Snap Kick Twigi Apcha Busgi
Jumping Front Kick Twigi Ap Chagi
Jumping Side Kick Twigi Yop Chagi
Jumping Turning Kick Twigi Dollyo Chagi
Jumping Back Kick Twigi Dwi Chagi
Jumping Reverse Turning Kick Twigi Bandae Dollyo Chagi
Jumping Inward Crescent Kick Twigi Anuro Bandal Chagi
Flying Side Kick Twimyo Yop Chagi