White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Newsletter : March 2018

Recent Grading Cancelation and Reschedule March 2018.

Sorry that we had to cancel the grading owing to adverse weather conditions. It has been put back to Sunday 25th March. Same venue and times. If you have paid to grade but are unable to attend on the new date your fee will be returned. Some of you felt that they were not ready to grade have now got a bit more time if you want to grade. At least 15 lessons must be attended between gradings.

A reminder to anyone taking a full Black Belt or Degree grading. You must have competed in at least three tournaments before grading. Only one of these being your own.

Mock Gradings During Training Sessions – Monday 12 th March (18:45 – 19:45) and Thursday 15th March (19:00 – 20:00) – Moulton

On Monday 12 th March (18:45 – 19:45) and Thursday 15th March (19:00 – 20:00), we will be conducting a mock grading, during training sessions. Whilst no formal assesment will occur, this is a valuable opportunity to practice the entire grading sylabus and identify areas for improvement, in preparation for the grading.

On both dates, we would like to encourage parents to take the opportunity to attend the lessons’s and observe their children. We are hopeful that this will enable parents to better underdstand what is required and assist in supporting their child to practice for the grading.

LTSI Open Tournaments Hatfield – Results

Talking of tournaments! Well done to our Wellingborough members who competed in the LTSI open tournament in Hatfield at the weekend. Bethany Anslow – Silver Sparring; Lauren Anslow – Silver Sparring and Grace Anslow – Bronze Sparring; Ben Conboy, Own Anslow and Adomas Laucavcous also competed and better luck next time. Considering that this was a major tournament with over 450 competitors including some from other countries they all did very well. All of our members need to compete in future tournaments.

Black Belt Training

Black Belt training will be at Moulton on Thursday 25th 8pm to 9pm after normal lesson. Important that you attend these if planning to take Black Belt gradings. At least 15 must be attended between gradings.

Training Dates – Obelisk Members

There will be no training at Obelisk on Monday 19th March 2018.

School Easter Break

The last training session is on Tuesday 27th March. We start back training on Monday 16th April (Obelisk) and Tuesday 17th April (Moulton).

PS new members are always welcome. So encourage your friends to turn up for free introductory lessons.


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