White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Newsletter : February 2015

Tiger Tournament

Don’t forget that our Tiger Tournament is on at Moulton Primary School Sat 28th Feb. Entry forms and fee must be handed in by Sat 14th Feb at the latest. (Click Here to download your form) Please ensure that they are completed in full and accurately. All members must compete in at least 3 tournaments before taking a Black Belt grading or between full Dan grades.


There are Parent evenings at the school on Tues 10th and Thu 12th. As the hall will be in use by the school both evenings training for all grades will run from 8pm to 9pm on both nights.

Half Term Break

I will run the club during half term, Tue 17th and Thu 19th if enough members are willing to train. These will be 7pm to 8pm all grades. I will need to know if you intend to train during the break.

Black Belt Training

Black Belt training this month will be run at Wellingborough on Sun 8th and 22nd 7pm to 8pm £4 per member. Mr. Conboy will be running colour belt training from 6pm to 7pm these evenings at no extra cost to Moulton members.

Once a month equipment ordering

Any orders for sparring equipment and doboks etc. will be ordered during the first week of the month. Any orders made after the 1st of the month will go into the next months order. This is to save on postage / carriage costs.

PS TOURNAMENT – You have to be in it to win it!!

Adrian Gent
Chief Instructor-White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do
Tel 01604-670966 or e-mail tigergent@hotmail.com