White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Newsletter : November 2016

Guiness Book Records – Tae Kwon-Do training

First of all congratualtions to our club members Bethany, Owen, Grace and Lauren Anslow. Who all took part in the Guiness Book of records for the largest Tae Kwon-Do training session in Coventry on Sunday 16th November. Over 950 practitioners set a new world record. Well done to all involved.

No Training – Moulton 1st November

There will be no training for coloour belt members at Moulton on Tue 1st November as we will be runing a Black Belt training session from now on the first Tuesday of the month in future. You are all welcome to train at the Obelisk Centre on Monday instead, (6:45pm to 7:45pm). Also we are hoping to start a White Tiger Display Team? This will be held at Mr Conboy’s club at Wellingborough on Sunday 6th November (6pm to 7pm) and training is free.

Black Belt Training

We are intending to run Black Belt training at Moulton on the first Tuesday of the month starting on the 1st November. This will be a 2 hour lesson from 7pm to 9pm at a cost of £5 per lesson. This is open to all Red and Blakc Belt members. As there will be no colour belt training on these nights I am hoping that Moulton members will take the opportunity to train at the Obelisk Centre the day before. There is a cafe-bar next door to the hall were you can watch TV etc. if you want to wiat while we train (6.45pm to 8pm).

White Tiger Display Team

A White Tiger Display team is also being organised by Mr. Conboy at our Wellingborough Club on the 1st Sunday of the month (6th November start). This will be free to any members who would like to join. The is so that we can put on TKD displays at local events in the future.

Colour/Black Belt Grading – 20th November

11am start for white belts to green tags. Followed by senior grades at 12:30pm to finish at 2pm approx. Black belt grading immediately after. Full sparring equipment is required for all senior grades. Grading fee £20 and licence must be handed in by Thursday 17th at the latest. If anyone is thinking of purchasing doboks and sparring equipment etc. Now is the time as Christmas is not far away. Talking about Christmas we usually organise a bowling night early in the new Year over at Wellingborough unless anybody has a better idea?

The Mayors Parlour!!

White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Club has received an invite to the Guildhall Northampton for a guided tour and refreshments with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. This is on Wed 11th Jan 2017 from 6:30pm to 9pm. We will have a guided tour around the outside and inside the building including the Great Hall, Court room, Council Chamber and cells. (some of our less disciplined members may be left there?) Numbers are limited so you need to let me know ASAP, so first come first served. Parents must drop off and pick up their children, but there may be spare places for parents depending on the uptake?

You need to train very regularly if you want to master Tae Kwon-Do. As I now run lessons on Monday at the Obelisk Centre and Tuesday and Thursday at Moulton plus the opportunity to train at Wellingborough on Sunday eve. Please take advantage of three lessons a week for only £8. If you know of anyone offering training for less please let me know.

White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do Website & Social Media

As well as our website we also have our own White Tiger Facebook page for information etc. To make our website more interactive we would welcome articles, questions and photos etc. from our members. John Simons runs our website and he would love to hear from you.

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