Red Belt – Black Tag


4 Techniques of Examiners Choice

4 Directional

Consecutive Kicking
Yonsok Chagi


Hwa-Rang Tul
+ 2 of Examiners Choice

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Step Sparring

One Step Number 1 to 9
Ilbo Matsoki
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Two Step Number 1 to 4 (Over 12 Years Only)
Ibo Matsoki
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Model Sparring

2 x Model Sparring Techniques
including Take Down Technique

Free Sparring

Jayoo Matsoki

Self Defence

2 x Self Defence Techniques
Knife / Weapon Defence (Adults)
Jappyosul Tae

Power Test

– Wiryok Simsa
Jumping Back Kick – Twigi Dwi Chagi


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Pattern Meaning: Hwa-Rang Tul

Hwa-Rang is named after Hwa-Rang youth group which orientated in the Sila Dynasty in the early 7th century. The 29 movements refer to the 29th infantry division, where Tae Kwon-Do developed into maturity.