White Tiger Tae Kwon Do offers quality tuition and great value for money.

Training fees

Juniors & Adults £4 per lesson.

Moulton and Obelisk members : opportunity to train 3 times a week.

  • Weekly fees are £4.50 for one lesson
  • £7 for two lessons
  • £8 for three lessons.

National Martial Artist Licence

£30 renewed annually (National Governing Body Legal Requirement)

White Tiger Tae Kwon Do Training Suit (Not essential for the first 3 months)

Junior X small – small £32
Adult medium – large – extra large £37

Sparring Safety Equipment (Not essential for the first 9 months)

Gloves £19.50 – Boots £19.50 – Head guard (compulsory for under 18’s) £ 25.00
Groin Guard (compulsory for all male members) £ 8.50

Colour Belt grading fee

£20 his fee includes the new belt after passing and a certificate.

Black Belt Training for Red Belts, Black Tags and Black Belts

£4.50 per lesson (one 2 hour lesson per month)

Black Belt Grading

£125 includes the following
Embroidered Black Belt
White Tiger Black Belt training suit
Black Belt tie & Pin
Black Belt National Certificate & your name entered onto the UK National Black Belt Register.